Well, I wouldn't really like to suck some of the yarns I knit with, and don't relish actually spitting either, so I will just lick the palm of my (clean) hand.
Wourks perfectly!

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This is kind of like felting the wool to make a "piece of fabric", great idea, thanks.

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OK, I'm adding my voice to the chorus--have heard of this for years, but not dared to try it. Working on my first sweater and knew I'd never get to the edge with the end of my first skein--THIS IS TERRIFIC! Thanks for the great tutorial!

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i never knew about splicing but i always wondered how they do that stuff!

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Jeg vil absolut være ved hjælp af denne teknik, når jeg gør mit næste projekt af uld. Men jeg er bange for jeg kunne have problemer, hvis min spytte skal være sukker-fri.

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I was never good in knitting. Always wanted to know how its working properly but could never get it 100%

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I learned this trick here and showed it to my wife. She was amazed!! :-)


You gave nice tips to make it. It is little bit different from my recipe. Well I will try to make it using your tips and hope it will be tasty.

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I had to do it in front of people, so tried suck-splicing too. Thanks for the very helpful pictures and instructions.

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