Antique Auto

Also it's great trick If you want to fix the string of your yo-yo

Antique Auto

Alaso is a great trick to fix the string of a yo-yo

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haha great! gonna tell my wife about your blog! ) man many thanks!

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Great post, its so interesting, really.

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Well i didn't tried to join yarns, but it's possible, u showed an good way to join Yarns.

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Process of Joining Yarn, good way to join

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Very Good Work, thanks for sharing this information!!


Thanks! Was skeptical about spitting on the yarn, but it works. Can't see where I joined the yarn. Saved my project.

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Very good blog! Thanks!

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Cool! I am a newbie knitter and was searching around trying to figure out how to add a new skein to my first project...this amazed me and worked perfectly! Thanks for post. It’s really imformative stuff.


Boy, did I find this just in the nick of time. I read this for the first time yesterday. Had heard of spit splicing but had no clue what it was or how you did it. And then, one day after reading this, I broke my yarn while trying to get a knot out. You absolutely cannot see the join. My scarf and I thank you!

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Like your article very much!!!
Keep it up, thanks for sharing this information!


That's quite helpful!! I adore knitting and run into this problem from time to time it's really frustrating.

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nice photos about yarns now I know how to do it.

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I used to watch my grandma doing some cool sweaters, this blog reminded me of her.


A very nice tutorial. From now this will be help me in knitting.Good to see

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I love the way you make such incredible informational and interesting posts...That is really and effective thing from your side..Keep up the good work


I will absolutely be using this technique when I make my next project of wool.

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Wow really its very nice method
to join the yarns. i would like to use it.



My granny teach me how to join yarns , but with another method

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Sounds strange but it is all less we care for ourselves isn't it?

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Hi Mary,
Nice Job...!! I like it very much,Nice pictures.

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Great Tutorial ! I will try the same with my thing. I love your techinque. This is great idea.

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I've always heard about this method but never tried it. WOW, it worked great!! Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!

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