Great pictures, Mary! I was trying to describe spit splicing to someone over the phone the other day -- next time I'll just send them here. Thanks!

BTW, I always spit splice my color changed when doing fair isle, and at 2 ply jumper weight it works just fine. When I'm 5 sts away from the end of my round I measure out 5" of the old color, break off one ply 1" from the end, splice and knit on. The change either occurs (a) in the steek if a cardigan, or (b) under the arm if a pullover. Much preferable, to me at least, to weaving in ends.


You're so awesome to make these great pictures and instructions! I will absolutely be using this technique when I make my next project of wool. But I'm afraid I might have problems if my spit must be sugar-free. ha I drink so many sodas and sweetened coffee, etc, I don't think I would have sugar-free spit!


Thanks! This saved the merino scarf my daughter is knitting.


was linked to your blog by uhm...toured your pics and notes and they are awesome. I am just beginning fair isle and my cables are coming along. Thanks for sharing your many talents including the spit splice!!!
wooly hugs from snowy Niagara


Just worked the magic with some Noro Kureyon--it helped make the transition to a new skein look like the other color transitions!


Fantastic! I am a newbie knitter and was searching around trying to figure out how to add a new skein to my first project...this amazed me and worked perfectly!


Wow! It work great, never think of a way to join yarns... thanks so much.


thanks for this tutorial... this technique makes me look far more professional than i actually am!!

Libby G

Thanks for this info about splicing. My Mum (who is now 96) taught me to spit on the wool, but sitting on a crowded bus this morning, I didn't think it was too 'polite' so endeavoured to splice without the moisture - not nearly as good! Your reassurance of my 'old & trusted' method is great. (From Brisbane, Australia)


If you don't want to actually spit on the wool just stick it in your mouth for a few seconds and get it wet.

Yes, I am not afraid to admit it, I suck splice instead of spit splicing.

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great article... thanks!!


Spit splice is the only way I ever work fair isle, and you know, after a very little while, you figure out where to place the splice so you have the shortest range of 'transition' issues. In my most recent pullover you can hardly see it, and since it is shetland wool, it holds like iron.


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You have saved my knitting project and my little boy's life! He accidentally ripped my yarn in his excitement to watch Sesame Street. It's a lace project so I wasn't willing to just start the yarn at the edge like I normally would. I heard of this method before, but was skeptical how well it would actually work. I was so desperate today I just had to give it a try. I certainly had nothing to lose. Wow! I can hardly tell the difference! I'm amazed and relieved. I owe you a huge debt of gratitude!!


I want to thank you too for the spit splice - it helped tidy up my handspun stash. I make 50 gm balls from the hanks - but they are never 50 gms each - so now I can join on more yarn to make up the 50 gms :).

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Good Work, thanks for sharing this information!!

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I have read a lot on this topic, but you definitely give it a good vibe. This is a great post. Will be back to read more.

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excellent tips. I love this technique and my grandma loves too.

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That tech to join yarns is amazing !! thank you


Wow, spit splicing works! Truly amazing. Thank you for that.

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Really interesting...

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I though that join yarns are imposible until I see those pictures.

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Thanks for the advices,are so important!!


Oh wow, this does work!
Thanks :)
I had to do it in front of people, so tried suck-splicing too. Thanks for the very helpful pictures and instructions.

All Saints

Join yarns its almost imposible to me, how do you do it ?

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My granny teach me how to join yarns , but with another method

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