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June 11, 2007


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I love France. Hope to visit it in 2011


Good to see you had a nice time in "that" France. It is a very interesting country to visit, I have been there for a long time and there are very nice things to visit and to see besides the typical places that everybody visit when they go to France... and they are not the most beautiful if you ask me. I will visit France again in a couple of months, glad you had fun there.


Oh, Mary, Bloglines just told me there was a new post here, and I came running! what a disappointment! How are you? C'mon -- do some blogging!



Oh, we definitely need to get together and have a long long talk about our different trips to France! I am seriously thinking of going back next year. I'd love to see Bayeux and the Tapestry, too!

Andy James

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what glorious photos!


Yeek! Was that me driving your cab? I have always wanted to see France. Perhaps I too a trip and didn't know it.

Wish I was there. Beautiful photos MEM.


Wow- my mouth is on the floor. What an amazing trip.

Looking forward to seeing much more.


Glad you had a good time, looking forward to your travel tales.

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