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November 04, 2006



Those sweaters are just beautiful. I could learn so much from them! Thanks for posting those photos.


mary thanks for a wonderful post!


Thanks so much for sharing the techniques of those incredibly talented FI ladies! What beautiful sweaters and tams! I was reading intently to see what they did about floats and I find it very interesting indeed that they all use the belts and long dpns........

Judy P

I am really enjoying reading about your trip. I saw Patti at Stitches East. She enjoyed it too. Love the pictures.


How nice of you to share your trip with us- it's been a dream of mine- someday I'll be there too.
In the meantime, this is just as much fun,


Thanks so much for sharing your photos and posting about your trip.

How did you find out about taking classes?

I'm starting to plan a trip to Shetland and haven't found any information about tours or knitting workshops.


I am enjoying your updates so much! I just love all the pictures too!

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