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Brianna Flynn

!!! Oh, thank you!

I have been fighting with a tubular cast on for a ribbed sweater I'm making out of my worked well for the bottom, but was very tight and not good for the sleeves. So, I found this! And it works so nicely!

Thanks! Lovely pictures, too. =)


Thank you so much for putting this on the web. I own the second volume of "the right way to knit" books but not the first. It references the 1st several times, esp about casting on in pattern stitch. I couldn't find info about this cast on any where else.


Thank you for putting this out there. Real interesting. Excellent tutorial, real clear with nice pictures.

I haven't seen it anywhere before. I just tried on a new pair of socks that I cast on. Not sure if I notice any difference....


Howdy Mary,

I'm fixin' to see but wondered if you've already figured out a cast OFF that would match this cast on? I'm thinkin' the picot cast off would be the place to start.
Hope things are well with you next door.
from Louisiana,


thank you Mem! My grandmother taught me to cast on this way, but I haven't - until this moment - been able to find it "written down". ..cjb


Thank you so much. I found so many other very complicated ways to do this other places. Once I got used to it the cast on was perfect for starting the ribbing on my little hat project. Thanks again.

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